Activity Tracker Wristbands

Hi guys,

I have started to use activity tracker since christmas. I had no idea about them to be honest until my husband bought for me as a present. But .. well… these things are designed for me it seems 🙂

I love it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 08.29.40

I love planning and organising things. I love knowing what’s going on during my day, week, month… on track?! off track!

with these little beauties you can track your exercises, steps, food + calories, heart beat, sleep quality and amount…. you can put a target and work for it with this stuff..

You need to wear them all the time, well except having a bath/shower I suppose 🙂

It synchronises with your phone and with a beautiful app, you can see everything as a nice chart.

It also gives you weekly and monthly reports as well 🙂

I use Jawbone Up 2 (purple) with my iPhone. It works perfectly and I am very happy with it.

It also looks very cool as well. Not like just a simple tracker.




I searched couple of options for you guys. Different brands. Fitbit is really popular and seems very good. And I just couldn’t believe how many different look(!)s they have got. If you really like colorful things like me, I am sure you will like fitbit. So here are the options for you.



and look at these accessorises for fitbit..!!! I absolutely love them…. Search more of it. You wouldn’t believe it. 🙂


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