21 Ways to Eat Your Water

We’ve all heard it before: eight glasses a day! Water comes not just in a glass, but on the plate, too. For those who can’t seem to drink enough water or who want to supplement their intake, eating high water content foods is a great option.

Why is it so important to stay hydrated? Everything in your body relies on hydration for proper functioning.  Water: helps move oxygen and nutrients through the blood to your cells; lowers stress on the heart; prevents muscle cramping; lubricates joints; helps keep skin cells plump and young-looking, diminishing or preventing cellulite; flushes toxins from the body; keeps you regular; helps prevent kidney stones. Eating foods for hydration can help you meet your water needs. The following ingredients give you 21 ways to eat your water.

Note: These ingredients must be eaten raw in order to get their full water content, as cooking will diminish water content.



1.) Cucumber: 96% water

2.) Iceberg lettuce: 96% water

3.) Celery: 95% water

4.) Radish: 95% water

5.) Red tomato: 94% water

6.) Zucchini: 95% water

7. Grapes: 92% water

8. Sweet Peppers: 92% water

9. Green cabbage: 93% water

10. Cauliflower: 92% water

11. Spinach: 92% water

12. Strawberries: 92% water

13. Watermelon: 92% water

14. Grapefruit: 91% water

15. Cantaloupe: 90% water

16. Peach: 88% water

17. Pineapple: 87% water

18. Raspberries: 87% water

19. Cranberries: 87% water

20. Orange: 87% water21. Apricot: 86% water

21. Apricot: 86% water


Reference:  http://skinnyms.com

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